Friday, August 22

There's Always Room...

I recently got a couple of messages on Facebook from friends who thought our church had moved to another area of Maryland... not too terribly far away..., in Anne Arundel county (we're in Prince George's county, close to DC). But apparently, they were referring to this church... and, we're not that church. :-) But that's okay! I've found that sometimes pastors get a little touchy about ministries (particularly those with the same name) that "move in" on their territories (okay... so, they're 20 minutes away from us); but the bottom line is - there is room enough for all of us. There are so many people to reach, ONE CHURCH cannot possibly reach everybody!

So, I... for one... am excited to hear about Mosaic Christian Church. They launch on September 14 at the Egyptian Muvico Theaters at Arundel Mills Mall. If you live in that area, be sure to check them out!

I look forward to seeing God reach many people far from Christ through their ministry!

I had the wrong link to Mosaic Christian above, but it's fixed now... thanks for bringing that to my attention, guys! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Praise God for what the Lord is doing at your church, Brother D. Um... I mean, Pastor Plummer. LOL That sounds so strange. Tell Keda I said hello.



Sounds strange to me, TOO, Z! LOL! Actually, just "D" is fine... and if you muust be formal, then "Pastor D" will work. ;-) Tell my buddy I said hello... hope you guys are well! :-)


Jeff said...

I'm not trying to criticize but that "family" thing reads a lot like an obituary. I tried figuring out where they meet and I couldn't find that kind of information anywhere. Are you sure you had the right web site?

Nick Blevins said...

Hey Darren - We met after WiBo, through Jay Hardwick. Our church is helping to support the Mosaic Church you referenced in this blog (at Muvico) so thanks for the kind words!

I'm a little confused though, as that link isn't to Mosaic - what did I miss?

Kevin Davis said...

Brother D - I love it. Were I went to bible college it was all about 'brother' this and 'sister' that.

Definitely plenty of room and the need for more. Well, make the more authentic churches.


Yup... had the wrong link on that baby! SORRY!!! It's fixed now, though!

Hey, Jeff... you're cold, man! :-)



haha... yeah, I hadn't been called that in a LONG time! :-) But with Zinnada, it carried more of a "duplicitous" meaning, as she was really like my lil sis.

Always room, baby... always room! ;-)