Thursday, August 21

Thursday Three Plus

Okay... so, I'm really liking these "Thursday 3+" posts! Here goes:

* I have been disengaging from an overexcess of ministry for a few days now, and I feel great! I mean, I'm reading a little bit... and blogging some... but, other than that, zippo! I hadn't realized how far gone I was... just unable to detach, and it was draining me... and distancing the ones I love most. So grateful for God's grace and mercy... and for a patient family. ;-)

* We had a guest speaker this past Sunday (and will for the next two)... my good friend, Dave Michener... who spoke on "being shameless, even though we're not blameless." It was a good word... and ministered to me big-time. Rather than me rehash the points from message, though... visit my main man Brandon Havas' site to get the rundown. ;-)

*And let me just say this (although I've said it before): every church planter needs evangelists... people who will regularly invite others to follow Jesus. That goes without saying... and most of us know that. But what we may not know is that we need people who are passionate about our church, as well! Brandon posts every week about the Sunday message... and invites his friends at Univ. of MD to Mosaic. He loves Jesus.. he loves his church... and I'm lovin' it.

* Next up, standing in for me this Sunday is my long-time friend, Larry Paige. I've known Larry for for almost 25 years, and to see how God has grown him over these last several years has been awesome. He's a creative communicator, and I'm glad our people get a chance to hear him!


tony sheng said...

Dave's a great guy - so cool.

hope your summer has been great!!


Thanks, Tony!