Monday, August 25

First Day of School!

"The chicks are gonna love my braids! :-)"

Today was the first day of school for the boys... and it was also a day of transitions: DJ ("Diesel") started middle school (7th gr) and Seth started Kindergarten. DJ was looking forward to starting and was totally excited this morning, while Seth didn't crack a smile at all! Shawn is in 5th grade now, and definitely wanted more summer vacation!

Of course, the day wouldn't be right without any drama, right? Keda and I were waiting at the bus stop for Shawn and Seth to get home... anxious to see how Seth's first day was. When the bus arrived, Shawn yells out of his window, "Seth got on the wrong bus!" WHA--??? You can imagine how far our hearts dropped!!! "What are you saying, Shawn?? Where is Seth?! And why aren't you with him????"

Without going into a lot of detail, there was some bus confusion at the school and Seth was placed on the wrong bus... going to a totally different neighborhood! Thankfully (God is so good), there was a lady waiting outside for that bus to arrive, who noticed that little Seth looked lost. She checked his backpack, and found my wife's cell # and called us... it turned out that Keda knew the lady from selling girl scout cookies. She only lives 5 minutes away, so that was good... could've been MUCH worse, but God worked it out!!! :-)

(sure was crazy while it lasted, tho...)

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