Monday, June 30

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Awesome worship gathering tonight! We bounced back well with a handful of 1st time guests, after not having any last week!
* One of our guests heard about us through our website... and, ironically, she went to college (NC State) with two of our partners! Look at Jesus! ;-)
* We finished on time for the first time in WEEKS!
* Communion Service tonight... the message was on "Brokenness" - very pertinent for our church right now.
* We ended up pulling a solo from our worship set tonight, because of a couple of lines in the song: it was quite possible the words could've had a negative effect on someone there, who is going through some personal issues. The song had been planned before we knew of the situation... but it was better to exercise grace than to be viewed as "pouring salt" on a still-very-fresh wound. Holy Spirit, thank You for giving us wisdom on that one...
* Jason, it was good to have you back in the house... glad you're knee is almost healed up!
* My nephew, Nix, was back at church tonight for the first time after his open-heart surgery in April... YAY, GOD!!! Thank ALL OF YOU for your prayers... God is AWESOME!!
* Had some technical issues (sound) tonight... not sure why, but I'm confident those guys will get it straight... they're the bomb!
* Our GOD ON FILM series starts next Sunday... YAY, GOD!!! Gonna be an awesome series... just wait and see. ;-)
* The Design Team saw The Incredible Hulk last week... I think we're going to see Get Smart or Wanted tomorrow night... whoo-hoo!!
* So much murder & intrigue on TV... and I'm watching the Sunday Night News!
* Will be at the College Park Metro a few days this week, handing out breakfast bars in the morning... I love seeing the smiles of those who take the bars and impact cards!
* Missed this conference last week (and it was here in DC... augh!!), but going to THIS ONE in August... and going with our team to THIS ONE in September!!
* I think it's crazy that this guy just joined Facebook and already has over 800 friends! I'm not hatin' on him, though. :-)

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