Wednesday, June 25

Guitar Hero

I found out some sad news yesterday... Earnest Browning left this earth to be with Jesus. I didn't know Earnie as well as some, but the little bit that I got to know him was thoroughly enjoyable. Earnie, simply, was one of the baddest jazz/R&B/rock/gospel guitarists in the DC area. With chops that would make you smack someone, he could light up a song... and he was passionate about Jesus.

I first met Earnie at his home church, Bridgeway Community Church, and was just mesmerized by his playing! He was small in stature, but Earnie played big... and last year, I had the wonderful opportunity of hearing him play at our church. It was a great day, indeed! I ran into Earnie once at a local Christian bookstore sometime after that, and we talked for about an hour. He told me then that he was having trouble with his kidneys, but that he was yet rejoicing in the Lord's faithfulness to him. He encouraged me about Mosaic, and was really excited about what his experience there (and that was in the early, preview stages!) I also found out that he was an ordained minister... something I never knew. That's how unassuming he was.

Earnie will be sorely missed as a musician... but even more so as a brother in Christ. Pray for the Browning family, as they mourn his loss... but yet, celebrate his graduation to "The Land of No More": a place where he'll experience no more pain, no more sorrow, no more sickness, no more death...

He's with Jesus now... and everything's alright.


Ebony Brice said...

This is the most encouraging thing I have ever read about someone's passing. It left me feeling excited for him rather than sad for his absence.

Thanks for shining the Heavenly light on this situation.

I'm encouraged.

Reese said...

He was a pleasure to serve with. He was always so appreciative of the kindness of others. Mostly, what I remember, is that he was humble... and that's rare with people who are so unbelievably talented. Earnie was a good, good man.