Tuesday, June 24

Great Start!

Our design team for our GOD ON FILM message series (which begins on July 6) officially met for the first time today... great stuff! This is a preliminary group, as we're trying to pull together the right puzzle pieces for a permanent team. So far, so good. ;-) We met at the Royale 14 theater at the new University Town Center in Hyattsville... awesome atmosphere! As you can see, all of the shops haven't even opened yet. We're praying that God will open up some doors so we can meet at the Royale! Here are some pics:

I met with our worship arts leader for about 45 minutes, before everyone else arrived... as we talked about, among other things, direction and thrust for the series. Then, the team met for our first movie: The Incredible Hulk... which, I must say, was really good (and great cameo appearances by a couple of actors I'll leave nameless)! After the movie, we sat in the lounge area for about a half hour or so, and discussed the message theme and some different elements that might be good to include from the movie. We've still got more dialoguing to do over the week... but, it was a great time, with some great people... and a great way to kick off our design team meetings!

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