Monday, June 30

Old Friend

So, I'm working out of my mobile office (Starbucks), and I decide to walk across the street to grab some lunch, right? And who do I run into? One of my best friends from Bible College, Jamie Freeny! We were the most unlikely of duos: He grew up in a small, predominantly-white town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland; I grew up in urban MD, right outside of DC... he's a diehard Redskin fan; you KNOW who I root for... his granddaddy had Klan ties (J wouldn't mind me putting that out there); my granddaddy was the first African-American in his community... and wasn't leavin' for ANYTHING OR ANYONE (if you know what I mean!) But although Jamie grew up in the culture he did... he gravitated toward listening to hip-hop (Slick Rick was one of his favorite rappers), and came to Christ at a predominantly-black college! God prepared him for D-PLUM!! :-)

(I really must pause here and give props to God's sovereignty: the person most influential in J's coming to Christ was my best friend at the time... this was a few years before I would even meet J... how awesome is that??)

I hadn't seen Jamie in quite awhile, and it was great catching up with him... and hearing about all that God is doing in his life. I don't think it was "coincidence" that we ran into each other... wonder what God is up to? Hmmm... :-)

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