Wednesday, July 2

Mr. Five!!

Seth turned FIVE today... and he doesn't want us to forget it. He has declared this "Seth's Day." :-) His favorite gift is what he's been asking for since Christmas: web fluid for his Spiderman Web Blaster (he loves Spidey).

Of course, his "Seth-isms" continue... here's one from last night, right before I prayed with him at bedtime:

Seth: "Daddy... will Jesus be mad if I shoot Him with my webs?"
Me: "Haha... I don't think so, buddy. Jesus loves kids... He'll probably shoot you back!"
Seth: "But... He's God, Daddy! If He shoots me back, will it hurt???"

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Don Record said...

Hey Darren... our little princess Reagan turns five tomorrow...didn't realize we practicaly had "twins". God bless..good to see things rocking at Mosaic!