Tuesday, June 10

Starbucks... or OK Corral?

Things are HOT here in College Park, baby! And I think maybe the heat is taking it's toll in other ways too... here's a story about something that happened to me today:

So, I'm walking into Starbucks (what else is new?), and I take a seat while I'm finishing up a phone call... and this guy says to me, "Excuse me, can you take that call outside??" (Excuse me?) "I said, 'Can you take that call outside??" (Umm... I could, but I'll be finished in just a sec, thank you [with a very irritated smile])

So, then this guy looks me in my face, and starts to talk loudly about nothing in particular, trying to push my buttons... and talking much more loudly than I had been talking, mind you... so, I get off the phone, and I'm like, "DUDE, what IS your problem??"

"You're my problem! It's rude to come in here, talking on the phone when people are trying to work!" (Work? Are you kidding me?? With these loud students and even louder Starbucks music???)

So, I point out to him (from the Bible... sike) that 1) there's a HUGE difference between Starbucks and the public library, and 2) there was a way that he could've handled that situation a lot better... though at that point, I don't think I was being the best example, because I went on to let him know that some people would definitely handle themselves with him much differently than I did! I really wanted to punch him in the throat!!

Yeah... way to go, PASTOR Darren!

Question: Why is it so difficult to let some things go? Now, I definitely had a right to talk on my phone and ignore this guy who (in all honesty) was being just a bit anal. But sometimes it's not about rights, it's about wisdom. That doesn't mean I can't get clarification on the matter and understand just what the problem is... but it does mean that, no matter what, I must remember that I represent Christ... at all times.

So, I'm sitting there (after a few words have been exchanged... nothing terrible, don't worry), trying to think of five reasons why I shouldn't punch Anal Man in the throat... and the Holy Spirit (doesn't He knock at the wildest times?) says to me, "So, how's this going to end, PASTOR D?" So, I apologized to dude and let him know I was sorry if I was too loud on the phone... which started a discussion about whether or not I should have even been on the phone in the first place (we agreed to disagree there, but I was definitely eyeing that throat). And, eventually, he apologized for responding the way he did... and all was well in Starbucks again.

"By the way... my name is Darren."

"And my name is Ryan... good to meet you."

And that's how it ended. ;-)

(By the way... a young lady who was sitting close to us later commended me on how I handled the situation. She thought he was "rather rude and crazy")


Anonymous said...

You must have really wanted that coffee:-) Some may have asked for the manager or just walked out. But God allowed you to be disrespected in public.


Wouldn't be the first time one of His has been disrespected publicly. ;-) I wish I could say I felt "dissed", but I didn't... PISSED is more like it.

And I do think that's an area God is purging in me, so keep prayin' for Pastor D!

Ron Shenk said...

Isn't that the ultimate test. Can I lay down my rights to have the opportunity to minister to someones heart. Can I choose to be wronged to have the opportunity to reach them, to sow a seed. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". Wasn't that Christ's example to us. He laid down his life for us even though he was God.

For me the place where I fall down the most is at home. When a emotionally laden moment comes, do my words and actions help those involved come to a more Godly place, or do they throw gas on the fire. True leadership helps move angry and frustrated people to understanding, not toward more anger and frustration.