Monday, June 9

Monday Reflections

* Feeling great today... ready to get a lot done!
* The worship gathering last night was interesting... definitely more mellow... gotta keep that energy up.
*The band did a good job... but we started off with two new songs, which probably killed the energy early. :-) All in all, though, they sounded good.
* We finished up the Girl Gone Mild series yesterday... really good series!
* My dad was out at Mosaic yesterday... he seems to really enjoy our services, which is really cool because he's been unchurched most of my life. He told me after church that he was going home to read over the book of Ruth, and that he really needs to start reading the Bible more - because he didn't know it was that interesting. How cool is that?? YAY, GOD!!!
* I have no idea what I'm speaking on for Father's Day...
* I'll be speaking at another church this Saturday morning for a Mens' Prayer Breakfast... should be cool!
* I'm reading through this book... I think I've been a Christian Nice Guy for way too long... definitely not helping some of my relationships.
* What's up with the Lakers???
* We'll be starting our metro outreach back up in the morning... hopefully, we won't be sweating like pigs at 7:30 in the morning!
* One thing I'm learning more and more each day, is that nothing matters more than our relationship with Jesus. NOTHING.


Emily K said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment AND thank you for your prayers. We getting excited about the plans to move. I just fell in love with Baltimore when we went and KNEW it was where God wanted us, it almost feels like it is already our home! Wierd huh? It will be nice to be able to meet you finally :-) Have a truly blessed day!

Chris S. said...

Metro outreach? Like in the city or to well groomed guys?
JK! Great stuff!


Haha... actually, that's a good question, Chris. Mosaic is in an urban area, though not in the city... so the metro station closes to us has the same demographics. ;-)