Saturday, May 3

Things Runnin' Thru My Mind...

* I really, really love my wife!
* It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor...
* No matter what anyone says, Facebook is cool!
* Man, I'll be 40 tomorrow... geez!
* Mosaic will be 1 tomorrow... YAY, GOD!!
* I need to preach on these topics soon: Character, Wisdom, Sexual Purity, and Stewardship...
* As much as I love engaging culture, I never wanna sell out on Jesus... never wanna compromise on the Word... never.
* I am so thankful for our people at Mosaic DC... couldn't do HALF of what I do if it weren't for them!
* I'm also thankful that Keda frees me up to do ministry! No matter what the peeps at Mosaic do, I'm sunk without her! :)
* There are some friends in ministry that have been integral over the last several years to my getting to where I am today, that just deserve a shout out... some you may know, some you many not: Shawn McBride (New Life Community Church), John Morgan (Crown of Life Baptist Church), Aaron Pankey (Infinity Church), James Hall (Grace Community Church), Steve Reid (NAMB), Dave Anderson (Crosspoint Church), Dave Michener (Bridgeway Community Church), Ed Plater (Emmanuel Church), Dave Proffitt (Aletheia Church), Keith Battle (Zion Church), Vic Simpson (Emmanuel Church), Paul Chipman (Light of the World Baptist Church), Bernard Fuller (New Song Bible Fellowship), Eric Bryant (Mosaic Church, LA), and Rick Schaffner (College Park Wesleyan Church). These men have poured into my life in some form or another in ways I could never repay. Thanks, guys... from the the bottom of my heart.
* I just felt like doing that... :-)
* The Boston Red Sox are in first place in the AL East! Sorry, Orioles fans...
* Had a "free ticket" opportunity to go to the Drive Conference on Monday, but airfare is WAY high for last minute trips... dang!
* Summer's almost here! YAY, GOD!! lol
* Can't wait 'til tomorrow... and still can't believe we're one year old! Exciting times, my friends... ;-)
* Prediction: Cowboys, '09 Super Bowl Winners!
* Had been sold on taking some of our folks to Innovate '08, but now I'm thinking about Catalyst! What to do, what to do... ?
* "Jesus... He can move the mountains... our God is mighty to save!"


Don Record said...

Happy B-day D-Plum and Mosaic! I have a whole two months left "in my thirties" so I think I'm allowed to make "over the hill" jokes.
It has been a pleasure and inspiration watching your vision become a reality over the past year...and it's just beginning!

Jim Henry said...

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear D-PLUM...happy birthday to you." - That was sung in my very best Chris Tomlinesque voice :)

Have a great birthday D...

Mark LeHew said...

Ok Darren a couple of things. Go ahead and drive through the night to get to Drive! It is well worth it. This is the first year I've not been able to go and I'll be missing a great conference.
Second, the Cowboys will lose 10 games because Pac-man Jones will be like a disease in the locker room. The Skins will be 15-1!
Thirdly and Lastly....Catalyst brother, Catalyst! No offense to the GCC guys (they are money), but Catalyst will rock your world!

I'm out!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Darren and Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a GREAT day and many more years for Mosaic, you should rake in the presents today:)
Talk to you soon...
Mandi Griggs


Mark Lehew - I love you, bro, but you've BUMPED YOUR HEAD thinking the 'Boys will lose 10 games! Wish I could go to DRIVE.. wish I could DRIVE to Drive!!! :-)

Jim - thanks for the birthday wishes, my friend! Appreciate the song! :-)

Don - we're in it together, man! The lives of church planters!! :-) Hook up soon?

Mandi - very thoughtful, indeed. ;-) Talk to you soon!