Sunday, May 4

Sunday Nite Speak!!

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!!! That's all I can say... WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!! Incredible time... here are some highlights of the weekend:

* 120 people in attendance tonight!!
* Eric Bryant did a GREAT job! His message, "Party Theology", was right on point with what I've been speaking on the last several weeks! Thanks, E... first of all for coming - and for doing such a great job! Our people loved you, and were fired up from the message! :-)
* One thing is certain: My people at Mosaic really care for their pastor! Thanks, guys! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
* The band did some serious crankin' tonight! The church we worship in wasn't made for loud music, but we tear it up anyway!! Band, you did your thing! ;-)
* Chuy and Karla and their crew have really brought a great flavor and bigger sound to our band... wow!!
* Several people who've been praying for Mosaic showed up tonight to celebrate with us... it was awesome seeing some old, familiar faces!
* Our ministry teams are the bomb!!
* I would be remissed if I didn't honor two very special people: Bernard & Linda Greene. They are Mosaic's "Monsters of the Week!!" They work tirelessly EVERY week, and today was no exception! They are monsters when it comes to getting things done... guys, you know how I feel - I couldn't do what I do effectively if it weren't for the two of you busting your tails on a regular!! I love you... Mosaic loves you... YOU ROCK!!!!! ;-)
* Also need to recognize the contribution of the SBC of VA! Without their encouragement, funding, and insight, we'd be further behind than we are! They've been a great support, and they believe in what God has called us to do!
* My sons, Darren and Shawn, were telling one of the people who lives next door to the church about Mosaic... so they called me over to "give him some more information!" Haha! ALL IN THE FAMILY!!! ;-)
* Spoke at The Bridge this morning... went great! Love Pastor Ju and the Bridge peeps!
* Tired as all get out now...gotta get some rest!!!
* Oh... one more thing: this might be the week that I get my earring! We'll see... stay tuned!

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It was great!!!