Sunday, May 11

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Interesting service tonight. :-)
* Mother's Day for us is not too well-attended, being that our worship gatherings are in the evening... but we were definitely up from last year!
* It was strange not having the 2 women in my life at Mosaic tonight... Keda was hanging out with her mother and sister, and Mom was visiting family up in Buffalo. Didn't feel like Mother's Day at church...
* Thought the message went okay... I was definitely encouraged by the response!
* We're going through the book of Ruth over the next several weeks, in a message series called Girl Gone Mild! (thanks for the title, Dave!) We're off to a great start... anxious to see how it unfolds over the next few weeks!
* One of our first-time guests tonight said she came across one of our impact cards in a food aisle at an area grocery store! Wow... how often do you hear that?? :-)
* Didn't cook breakfast for Keda this morning, but I got up with the boys so she could sleep in... she was really appreciative. That's it for the year, though. Just kidding. :-)
* There's a free movie screening for Prince Caspian this Tuesday at a theater in downtown DC... thought I had reserved a few tickets, but found out tonight that I hadn't... dang! Hope I can get in!
* This 2nd year of Mosaic is gonna be incredible... you just wait and see. ;-)
* Out for now... stay tuned for more D-Plum!

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