Tuesday, May 13

Strange Start to My Day...

Okay... so, I'm getting ready to walk into Starbucks this morning - where I spend quite alot of time, although I don't drink coffee - and I'm holding a Ted Dekker book ("Chaos", to be exact) in my hand. There are these two guys sitting at a table outside, and one of 'em says to me, "Hey, young man! What are you reading?" So, I told him... and he said, "I like Dekker! Come sit down... I'm about to make you a very wealthy man!" So, of course, I sat down.

(First of all, I just turned 40... so "young man" will definitely get my attention. On top of that, he said something about money...)

Then, the show started.

He told me his name is Jeff Fisher, and that he's one of the "deliverers" of Obadiah 21 (although he made it very clear that the KJV renders the word, "saviors"). He told me that he was "one of the 5 children blessed by MLK." He said that he is friends with Al Sharpton (uh-oh), Jesse Jackson... and Al Gore. He gave me a bunch of "key words" to Google, so I could read some articles either about him or written by him (articles are definitely online) - as well as some "contacts" with whom I should speak to get in the loop about "World Peace."

At the end of this... conversation... he grabbed my hand, made some invisible symbol-like markings on the back of my hand, and then "pronounced a blessing over me" by saying the Lord's Prayer. That was cool.

Except for the part where he messed up: "... and deliver him not from evil..."

Uh-oh... this might be the start of a very bad day. :-)

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