Tuesday, March 4

Catching Up

What up, what up! Back in the blogosphere... Surgery's all done, now it's time to get all caught up!

* Sunday nite was awesome! D-FLOYD tore it up, as expected... he really challenged us to not settle for less than God's best, because we're "BETTER THAN THAT!!" (that was the title of the message) Everybody was amped, and I'm looking forward to seeing how that flows over to the rest of our "CRAZY!" message series! D said a whole lotta things that stuck... but there was one thing that hit home more than anything else. At the end of the service, I did a quick, impromptu, "interview" with D, and asked if there was one thing he could say to us above all else, what would it be? This is what he said:

If this... coming to church, having your needs met... is all about you, you're a CONSUMER. If it's all about them... those who aren't here, who are far from Christ, who live across the street from you, who work with you... if it's all about them, then you'll be CONSUMED!!

Thanks, D... we needed that!! ;-)

* Eye: the surgery went well yesterday... but I was in pain all afternoon and evening! Sheesh! I'm feeling better today (although I'm looking like Ray Charles, with these big, hokie protective glasses)... had my first post-op follow up with the doc this morning, and everything looks fine! Thank you all for praying... I appreciate all the words of encouragement I received!!

* Looking forward to getting back in front of our people at Mosaic... hopefully, that'll be this Sunday! That all depends on how things go with the eye this week... I won't have my stitches removed for a few weeks. We'll see... as much as I love to preach, I love having TWO EYES better! ;-)


nathanhyde.com said...

Glad to hear God answered our prayers about the surgery. By the way, how in the world do you come out of eye surgery and blog the next day?!?


Haha... well, it's just one eye, and it happens to be my BAD eye, at that! SO... aside from some discomfort... it's almost like normal. ;-)

Thanks for the prayers, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all went well!!