Friday, February 29

Guest Speaker This Sunday Nite!!

I am SO AMPED about this Sunday! My friend, Daniel Floyd, will be bringing the Word... and I'm expecting to be both challenged and changed as a result as a result! Daniel pastors Lifepoint Church in Spotsylvania, VA.

I met Daniel about a year and a half ago... we're both church planters in the Southern Baptist Convention of VA/DC and have gotten to know each other over this last year. In just a few years, Lifepoint has grown to well over 300 in attendance in two services each Sunday... and last year, they just launched a second worship venue in downtown Fredericksburg.

This Sunday will definitely be "CRAZY!"



Jim Henry said...

Okay that's it D...

I need a nickname. D-PLUM, D-FLOYD. Well J-HEN doesn't quite roll off the tongue now does it? C' a guy out here. I long to be hip :)

D-PLUM said...

Dude... your name is one of the ULTIMATE hip names! Everyone with 2 "first names" as their name is too cool to be abbreviated... WE abbreviate, trying to be as cool as YOU! haha...

Seriously, think about these cool names:

- James Darren (whom I was named after)
- James Dean
- Bobby Allen
- Tony Curtis
- Bobby Douglas
- Marc Anthony
- Jesse James
- Frank James
- Greg Norman
- Shaun Alexander :-)
- Jim Henry

See... you guys are in a class all by yourselves! ;-)