Monday, February 4

An Afternoon with Rick Warren

This afternoon, Jay Hardwick, Jumaine Jones, and I hung out down at Ebenezer's... and we had the awesome privilege of listening to Rick Warren share his heart for about 2 1/2 hours! Let me tell you... say what you want about Rick (I think you're crazy), but the guy has a tremendous heart for pastors! He encouraged us, challenged us, and blessed us... as he talked about the importance of focusing on people growth as opposed to church growth. The man is FULL of wisdom... and it was definitely an honor to be a part of this event! Rick was supposed to be leaving for his next scheduled event (teaching a class at Georgetown University), but insisted on taking flicks with each and every pastor there!
Jay and I, chillin' after the event... it was good hanging out with Jay all day. He flew up from Columbia, SC to hang out with D-Plum! (Rick Warren was an added benefit... haha!)

Here's Jumaine and Mark Batterson, who's church owns Ebenezer's and who hosted the event with Rick Warren!

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jay hardwick said...

dplum -

had a BLAST bro! thanks for being an incredible host.

let's do it again soon!