Thursday, February 7

Who's Out There??

Often, when I'm skating through the blogosphere, I come across someone who either mentions me in a blog or has me on their blogroll... and I don't even know who they are... which is totally cool!

So, today... I'd like to steal an idea from my friend Jay and give you an opportunty to share a little about yourself... who you are, where you live, what you do, and your favorite food! I've changed my "comment settings", so now you can comment without having to create a blogger account... SO POST YOUR COMMENT! :-)

Nothing major... I'll be the first:

I'm Darren (or D-Plum).
I live in Laurel, MD.
I'm a church planter/pastor.
My favorite food is chicken.

Your turn... GO!


Roland Thomas Gilbert said...

OK ... uhm ... Hello. My name is Roland. I live in Garland, TX. I'm a Communications Director for a cute little Southern Baptist church here. ... uhm ... I really like Mexican food [the good Tex-Mex kind. Not that fake, bland crap that gets passed off as Mexican food ...] Thanks.

Carletta said...

My name is Carletta. I live in New Carrollton, MD. I am temporarily happily unemployed :-) I love seafood.


Anonymous said...

-western NY--soon to be Cincinnati,OH
-physical therapist and leader in church plant (but shhhh...don't tell yet!!)
-seafood and ice cream!!

tricia said...

Reston VA
stay at home mom and pastor's wife

Travis said...

Also NRiverdale, Md
Animation/Graphic Design student

jay hardwick said...

jay hardwick
columbia, sc
church planter
bourbon chicken and fried rice in union station with my boys dplum and jumaine!

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Emily Jennings
Bismarck, ND
Wife to the love of my life Jody and mom to 3 wonderfully brilliant rugrats.
Pizza, no question

Anonymous said...

Jamie Brewer
Cumming, Ga
host team director
I really love chicken parmigiana w/ fettuccine alfredo ... MMMMM

Chris Reeder said...

Chris Reeder
Florence, SC
Church Planter

xxxavierab said...

Xavier bonilla (x)
I like in bethesda, md
I'm a student and always will be!
My favorite food is tacos

Moviepastor said...

Dave Anderson
Decatur, AL
Church Planter, Husband, Father, Granddad
Mexican Food Rules!

Scott Williams said...

Scott Williams
Edmond, OK
The Food depends on the Mood!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Wasik
Granger, IN
I work at Granger Community Church
I like chocolate. Its goooood :)

Christine Henry said...

Christine Henry
Bloominton, IL
Pastor's wife, mother, Medical assistant
THAI BABY! said...

Nathan Hyde
Ocean City, Maryland
Mexican food!

Anonymous said...

Ok My name is Zanetta Tavares
Dallas, Tx
I am an Elder
I work for Leadership Network
Chinese Food

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am late to the game with my response, but...

Bryan Sheppard
-Bloomington IL
-Children's Ministry Lead for our church (as volunteer) and manager of IT Infrastructure for my company
-Favorite food would be anything spicy (Mexican, chinese, american..just make it HOT!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm Christi from Salisbury. I found your blog via Nathan Hyde's (my pastor at CrossWay). I'm a Homeschooling mom of 2 great boys. I love Chinese Food! Or good pizzaria pizza--don't hear me say Domino's. GOOD pizza.

Nice to meet you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi im Gabriela
Im originally from Ecuador(South America)
I live in the usa for 3 years
I love art and culture !
My daughter and husband are my happiness!
And my fav food is too many dishes but seafood and spicy always work!
God bless!