Monday, February 11

Monday's Musings

* Awesome gathering last night! Some first-time guests, and some more returners! Feels like we're definitely hitting a stride! :-)

* I used last night to set the stage for our upcomin series called Crazy... I preached from James 1:2-4 on Transformed By Trouble. I believe wholeheartedly (and Scripture affirms it) that before God does the crazy, miraculous, jaw-dropping things through His people corporately, He prepares His people individually. And, sometimes, in order to grow us... He allows us to face difficult situations in which we have no choice but to trust him. But those situations build our endurance... and stretch our faith. I'm looking forward to seeing how God stretches our faith at Mosaic over the ensuing months!

* I continue to be amazed at the racial mix... I really can't say it enough! (my friend, Pastor Jumaine Jones, visited us a couple of weeks ago and commented on the mix here) I think we haven't had an African-American guest in like 2 months!

* Not only are guests coming out, they're returning!

* One of our guitarists, Brandon (a student at UMCP), ended up breaking his guitar in a freak accident before church! That bad boy was snapped like a toothpick! So, when he got home last night, he started started a Facebook group called Help Buy Brandon a New Guitar! :-) If you're on Facebook, go join Brandon's group and help him get him some new strings... he's a good bruh, and we need him! ;-)

* I missed the Pro Bowl last night... ugh. I heard T.O. had a great game, though! 13 Cowboys in Hawaii... one of 'em was bound to turn on the heat!

* Looks like God has answered one of our prayers at Mosaic, and has brought us a webmaster! One of our most recent "additions" has agreed to take over this responsibility... YAY, GOD!!

* For Easter, we're going to try to pull off a morning worship gathering... that should be HUGE, because we'll reach more people during a morning time slot. Unfortunately, we'll have to turn right back around and go to evenings, but it will have been a nice reprieve... even if for only one week.

* One of our partners at Mosaic pulled me up after the service and said, "Pastor D, I wanna show you something...," and she proceeded to show me her "version" of the notes from my message. She was a science major (I think) and wants to go to med school, so she had reproduced my message with scientific formulas as illustations! Wild... but neat!

* Speaking of neat, it's awesome to see the balance of the types of people we have at Mosaic... in terms of spiritual maturity. I heard Ed Young speak at a conference a couple of years ago, and he said our ministries should be one of "thirds": ideally, a third should be mature Christ-followers, a third should be new believers, and a third should be seekers. Whether or not you agree with that, it's definitely an interesting thought. We're not quite in "thirds" at Mosaic, but the balance is sweet... strong Christ-followers, new believers, and some who are seeking, as well.

* Two Sundays from now, I'll be preaching twice in Prattville, AL... for an On Mission Celebration through the North American Mission Board (NAMB). WHERE THE HECK IS PRATTVILLE???

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andrew said...

Yo, D-Plum!

Prattville is actually only 20 minutes from where I am sitting. It's just north of Montgomery. I might wind up in Baltimore in 2 weeks, but if I'm still down here, let me know your travel schedule and we can hook up. You gonna be at ChurchPlanters next week?

Andrew P Kulp