Monday, February 4

Almost Perfect...

18-1... almost perfect.

But... don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that ring!

True, the Patriots put together a MONSTER SEASON... for most of the season, they manhandled teams... and, even if they didn't walk over the team and it was a close game, they still found a way to win.

Until today.

Today, they faced a giant-sized team with giant-sized hearts who were up for the giant-sized task of knocking off the previously-unbeaten Patriots... and knock them off, they did.

I was hoping the Giants would win... I thought they had the defense to be able to pull it off, and frankly, the Patriots were getting just a bit cocky to me.

What's that? They were just confident, you say?
Hmmm... well... I think I can confidently say that they're sitting at home, wishing they'd been a tad bit more humble. :-)

Having said all that...

Hat's off to the Patriots. They made NO EXCUSES for losing... they gave the Giants all the credit, and tipped their hats to them for being the better team.

18-1... any other year, that record belongs to a Super Bowl winner.

This year, it belongs to the 2nd best team in the world. :-)

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This has absolutely nothing to do with the Super Bowl. I just wanted to say that it was good seeing you today (even though we didn't get to talk more than a minute), and thanks for taking that picture for us! Let's make Easton plans soon....