Friday, February 1

A Blog-Eat-Blog World!!

Can't believe I've actually reached the 400 post mark! Never thought I'd write this much... When I started blogging almost 2 years ago, I knew nothing about it... but kept hearing people talk about "blogging" at the 2006 Buzz Conference.

And speaking of "buzz", there were certain names that kept flying around that I either knew nothing or very little about: I kept hearing about this guy, this guy, this guy... and, of course, this guy...

... and this guy, whom I've since had the awesome privilege of becoming friends with (can't wait for his conference... which, by the way, you just don't wanna miss).

I was so intrigued by this "blogging" stuff, that - once I started learning about it - I just became consumed! Now, I can't even imagine life without blogging! And now... through blogging... I've become friends with this dude, this dude, this dude, this dude... and I'm hanging out with this dude on Monday! I'd say that's... COOL BEANS!!! :-)

So, what are some of your stories? How'd you come to start blogging?


Jim Henry said...

Hey D!

I'm honored to be one of the "this dudes" in your post. The whole reason I started blogging was to find these kinds of connections and friendships around the ministry world. Like you, I can't imagine not's too valuable not to do :)


Jim, the honor is all mine, man! I love your blogs, and I appreciate your friendship! ;-)

Jeremy said...

Bro, I love reading your blog, and am glad that you started. I am always excited to see how God is using you at Mosaic.

Blessings man!


Thanks, Jeremy... very kind words, my friend!