Monday, January 14

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Had an abbreviated, but good worship gathering last night! Band cranked!

* Several new faces! I didn't get to meet any of the guests personally, b/c I had to rush and catch a flight... hopefully, they'll be back next week!

* I think I preach better when I intentionally shoot for 30 minutes... which I did last night. :-)
* Kicked off our new message series, Connections... went well, and definitely looking forward to the next 5 weeks!

* Cowboys lost... nothing else to say about that! ;)

* Had great flights coming over to the West Coast... and Cali is BEAUTIFUL!! Never thought I'd ever stand next to a palm tree, while at the same viewing snow-capped mountains... insane!

* Sitting here with Erwin McManus and a group of about 25 church planters/pastors/ministry workers... talking about what "could be"... totally amazing.

* Just heard back from two of the guests who came out last night... they loved it and plan on returning!

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