Friday, January 11

B-Jack Swing

Mosaic has been blessed from the start to have an awesome worship leader... Brian Jackson. B-Jack and I have been buddies for over 12 years now... and it's been incredible to see how he's grown over the years. We've walked through fun times, painful times... and it's an honor to lock arms with him in ministry.

As anyone who knows B can attest, he has a killer voice and is mad creative. In the early, pre-launch stage of Mosaic, I'd visioncast for him so he'd understand the direction I wanted to take the music... he took the vision, ran with it, and has been the force behind the Urban-Rock style we incorporate at Mosaic's worship gatherings. Sometimes, one of the most difficult things for a church planter can be finding someone who can lead worship with excellence. My commitment coming in was that I would not lead... after having been a worship leader and minister of music for several years, it would've been easy for me to do so... but I wanted to set a precedent that Pastor D wouldn't be leading worship on a regular. ;-)

So, having B alongside of me from the very beginning has been a great benefit and blessing... and his family plays a very important role, as well. His wife, Connie, is our Children's Ministry Coordinator... and his two young girls, Jordan and Kamryn, are extremely helpful each week with helping our 1st Impressions Team set up!

If you've never visited Mosaic's MySpace Page, you can go there to see a clip of B-Jack leading at one of our Gatherings... hopefully soon, we'll be posting videos of our gatherings online, but enjoy the snipet for now! ;-)

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ChurchVideoIdeas said...

Very cool to see the relationship you two have.