Tuesday, January 15

Mosaic Alliance

Sitting here listening to Ed Gungor, who's a part of our group this week. Funny... I'd talked to him yesterday, listened to him as he talked within our "circle of dialogue"... just an ordinary guy, right? Then, today, Erwin was talking and he asked Ed to share a little about his ministry... and he said to him, "Ed, you've written a few books, right? What's the name of your most recent book?" Ed answered, "The Vow...", and my eyes widened and my eyebrows raised really high... because I had just seen his book in the bookstore! That's insane! You don't just run into authors everyday, you know...

I'm really having a ball out here in LA, man... they create the most incredible environments at Mosaic! Very simple, but creative. I'm learning SO much... definitely a lot of take-home from this roundtable!

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