Wednesday, January 16

Recovery, Pt. 1

Had a GREAT time at the Mosaic Roundtable... will share more details later, as well as some pics! Right now, I am DEAD tired... still suffering from jet lag and a vicious hour of basketball... from 10:30-11:30pm. Erwin and the crew took us to the Clippers-Suns game tonight... and we got a chance to go out and play B-ball for an hour... on the floor of the Staples Center! How cool is that?? And Erwin is quite the competitor (no sir, I don't believe that "26, Competitor" StrengthsFinder score was accurate at all, buddy... ha!!)

Of course, I hadn't played basketball (or any sport, for that matter) in quite awhile... so 4 straight games had me pretty whipped! In fact, the FIRST game had me pretty whipped! Ha! I "got my wind" back during the 3rd game... but my legs were nowhere to be found... couldn't locate those bad boys anywhere! Then, my "international buddies" Russ (Australian) and Andy (Irish) walked me halfway to San Francisco (that's what it felt like!!) to get to Russ' car afterwards... sheesh! :-) I was definitely no good by that time... whipped, I tell ya!

But my two days here were simply incredible. Can't wait to write more... Russ wants me to come back in April for the Awakens Conference; not sure my bride will go for that one! Ha! But I've definitely got to get back here... the West Coast is awesome!

"Go West, young man!"

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