Wednesday, December 26

Some Things I Learned in 2007...

* God's got it... period... no matter whether it's finances, people, or a place... God has everything!
* Not every new church grows explosively, but they can all grow healthily.
* Mosaic has it's own DNA, specifically designed by God. It's my job as the pastor to help us discover and live out of that DNA... not to try to keep up with the "Church-planting Joneses" and replicate what's successful in their ministries.
* Being an intentionally-multiracial/multicultural church is extremely hard to do... only God can pull something like this off.
* In 2007, I gave God a thimble... and He filled it. This year, I'm giving Him an empty water tower!! :-)
* The life of faith that God calls us to can only be lived out in the context of "closeness." Following closely to Jesus is the only way to clearly hear His voice, and the only way we'll have the faith to obey and trust Him in the hard times. The further we follow, the harder to clearly hear... and the more difficult it is for us to obey.
* Be careful of geese flying overhead.
* Be careful of seagulls congregating in parking lots (savage beasts!!)
* Things are not always as they seem... and people are not always who they make themselves out to be.
* Safe relationships can only be built on trust... and trust is huge.
* I cannot be an Andy Stanley, Erwin McManus, or Keith Battle (a local pastor, and one of the best preachers I've ever heard). I can only be D-PLUM... and be the best D-PLUM possible!

Stay tuned for more Things I Learned in 2007!!

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Good stuff!