Thursday, December 27

If I Hear My Name ONE MORE TIME....!!!!!

Now, I can understand what my wife goes through when she's by herself with the boys all the time...

I thought I'd be able to get some work done from home while she's out working this week. I've blogged before about how blessed we are for Keda to have the job she does. The pay is adequate for admin work, but the biggest thing is that she's basically a stay-at-home mom... who's job allows her to go in whenever she's free. And, that's great...

But, of course, when she works... then I'm at home with our sons. But being with them and trying to get work done... THAT IS SOME CRAZY STUFF!!

And my 4-yr old, Seth, has officially called my name today for the 113,982,828th time!!!!!


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Ted Z said...

This gave me a very good belly laugh, but only because I can directly relate, after 8 kids and with Jacob being 4. You are Blessed Darren