Saturday, September 29

Showin' Some Link Love!

It's 2:04a.m. and I literally just walked in the door about 20 minutes ago... and I'm not tired because I slept on the plane ride from Chicago to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to Baltimore. So, I thought I'd shoot out a quick post before I hit the sack!

I had a GREAT TIME at Granger!! Think I'll be making the annual trek out there for awhile... if you've never been there, you're missing a real treat! I met some really awesome peeps at the conference... as well as also having the opportunity to formally meet some that I'd only interacted with through the blogosphere. So, I just want to send some quick SHOUT OUTS to a few of them...

Dave Anderson - You get the first shout-out, man... sorry you weren't able to make it to Innovate... but thanks a butt load for encouraging me to go!! It definitely was well worth it! :-) Get better soon, buddy.

Scott Hodge - it was great meeting you in person, dude! AWESOME MESSAGE!!!!!!!! Thanks for the transparency... you really challenged me in being courageous and stepping out to obey God... thanks, my brother! Looking forward to hanging out when I come to Chicago... ;-)

Kem ("G-Ma") Meyer - LOVED your blogging session... and your charismatic personality! :-) Look forward to reading your blog more regularly! Thanks, too, for the pic!

DC Curry - DC... glad we connected, man! Looking forward to getting to know you... I'll be keeping up with your blog, and I'll be in touch! ;-) YOU'RE IN A GREAT PLACE, MAN!!

Lindsay Wasik - First... what's up with the pic on Kem's site? LOL! But she's right... you were DEFINITELY the hardest working person at Innovate ("Flash"!) Great to meet you in person... looking forward to continuing to connect through the blog world! I'll see you next year!! And, yes, I do love your blog. :-)

Jim Henry - My brutha from anutha mutha!!!! Dude... it was great to finally meet you in person... you and your entire 80-man crew! :-) Glad we got the chance to connect... you've really got to get down here to the DC area soon. Let me know when that's a go! (for some great pics from the conference, check out Jim's site)

Last, but not least, Larry Paige (who doesn't have a blot YET, but is working on it... maybe as we speak!!) My brother, it was great traveling with you... you are STUPID, boy! :-) Really... to think we go back over 20 years, and are now on the same journey... man, it's only a God-thing! Glad I was able to plant a seed back in '89 at P.G. Plaza! Look what God has sprouted since then!! ;-) Love you, bro... and we're gonna have to create our own movie, Conference Crashers!!

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Shout out, D-Plum.