Friday, September 28

Day Two, cont'd

In the breakout session with Kem Meyer and a couple of cohortsher , on blogging... the in's and out's of blogging. So, for all my readers who subscribed only because you know and love D-Plum... and you've asked me numerous times what a blog is... now you'll understand a little bit better. At least, I hope so. :-)


*Blog: a "weblog"... a journal of sorts, about what you do, or desire, or dream, or dig.

*Blogosphere: "The universe of blogs!" But you knew that, didn't you??

*Blovel: A SERIOUSLY long post

*Blogworthy: something worth blogging about

*Blahg: something NOT blogworthy

*dooce: getting fired for something you blogged about

*lurker: when you read blogs, but don't participate (post comments)

*post: a blog entry

*doppelblogger: someone who plagiarizes content from someone else's blog for personal gain

*trackback: when your blog lets you know that someone else has linked to a post

* ping:

* blogroll: a list of blogs you currently read (this usually changes)

* moblogging: mobile blogging

* link love: 2-way love... lovin' on the person whom you're linking, and showing your love to your

* troll: someone who leaves comments solely to antagonize the author

* flamer: someone who is inappropriate in their commentes

* blogna sandwich: someone who spends their lunch hour reading blogs


1) Be yourself... through pictures, maybe be transparent, what you like, etc.
2) Provide value...
3) Is it YOUR stuff??

1) Know that your blog is personal... BUT IT'S NOT PRIVATE!! ;-)
2) Use common sense and respect.
3) Don't apologize for light blogging.
4) Make sure you comment on blogs... and interact with people that comment on blogs... when you can. :-)
5) Don't jump and dump. Blogs are not a place to pick a fight.

1) Don't ask people to show you link love.
2) Don't "quick link." ("Go here"). At least, give a couple of sentences about what and why you're directing them to where you're directing them.
3) Make sure you link to things that are LONG TERM!

One last thought from Kem: DRIVE PEOPLE AWAY!! When you use links, it makes people want to come back because they expect you to have info that they want.

That was from the morning breakout session. The first session after lunch was with Troy Grambling and Scott Hodge. I'll be showing Scott some love on this blog at other times, so I'll share some of Troy's thoughts for now.


* Innovation comes from collaboration, not isolation!
* Limit who I listen to! I can't be overwhelmed with ideas and still be innovative.
* Focus my eyes, but broaden my influence!
1) Protect the vision
2) Produce the product
3) Push out the values
* Execute today for tomorrow's benefits! If I see fruit tomorrow, it's going to be because I've executed today!

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DC Curry said...

D-Plum! What's good man? It was awesome meeting you at INNOVATE. I'm glad you came out here to check us out!

I'm definitely going to keep checkin you out man and hopefully we can connect again real soon...who knows I come out that way to see ya!

Stay true man!