Friday, September 28

Innovate, Day Two

First order of business: I never got back to finishing up with the Day One info... and I'm not going to... because you can get it from DC. Thanks, dude! :-)

Okay... so, on to day two.

First up was Rob Wegner. Rob's a great communicator, who has mastered (at least, better than most of us) the art of narrowing down the message to its core component. And that's what his session was about! He said that our goal as communicators is to get the truth of God to stick in the lives or people... and that there are five questions every communicator needs to ask before he can say his/her message is ready to be given:

* Is it simple?

* Is it unexpected?

* Is it concrete?

* Is it story-driven?

* Am I Spirit-dependent?

And that LAST POINT is so important! We can have everything all together, but it's Jesus alone that can resurrect the dead! People come to our churches... and their finances, marriages, relationships, and souls need to be resurrected... and we won't see that happen if the Spirit doesn't blow his power on our messages, and give them life! We MUST depend upon the power of the Spirit!

Dang, Rob... you've got me wantin' to go preach right now!!!!!

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