Saturday, September 29

Mr. Chicago

Mr. Chicago!

Nope... not Rex Grossman (LOL!!!)

It's Scott Hodge! Pastor of The Orchard Community in Aurora, IL... outside of Chi-town.

Scott gave a tremendous message on being innovative in leading change. I had some things to post about the message, but my notes weren't as good as Dave Ferguson's... so see what he wrote! HA!

I've been following Scott's blog for a couple of months now... he's become one of my regular reads. I know some of you are familiar with him... and, then again, there are some of you who read this blog that aren't. So, show him some love and visit his site!

Okay... get ready... tomorrow night... from Mosaicland... another SUNDAY NITE SPEAK!!!

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Scott Hodge said...

hey darren! man, thank you so much for your encouraging words. it was great meeting you at innovate!