Wednesday, September 26

In Granger, Indiana

I'm here in Granger, IN... with my good friend Larry Paige, as we get ready to attend the Innovate '07 Conference... actually, we're in Mishawaka, IN (Larry sounds like he's speaking in tongues when he tries to say it) It's a nice little midwest town... looking forward to seeing more of it tomorrow!

We flew into Chicago, and had to drive 2 hours from there, because Airtran doesn't fly into the South Bend Airport. But I like to drive, so it wasn't a biggie... and Larry's great company. We've been friends for over 20 years,and it's just an awesome thing to see that we're both planting churches... something we never dreamed of back in the day!

So! I'll be back tomorrow after the first or second session to fill you in on the conference... this should be great! :-)


DC Curry said...

I see ya man! There are good days ahead!

I Love that you're at INNOVATE 07

Carrie said...

Good words.