Thursday, September 27

I'm Here!!

I'm here, at the Innovate 2007 Conference, blogging LIVE! And you know what?

Granger Community Church is just like that! This is an INCREDIBLE PLACE... I'm really diggin' this sanctuary, too!

Guy Kawasaki is speaking now on "The Art of Innovation" (from a book that he wrote which is really good and that you need to pick up if you are at all an entrepeneur). He's a funny guy, and he knows his stuff - the in's and out's of innovation. One of the things he said that really stood out to me is that we should not be afraid to polarize people. Too many churches try to please everybody... reach everybody... without having a target, and without being uniquely innovative. But when you have a target... and you pursue that target in the unique way that God's called you... you actually reach more people - and you will (unintentionally, of course) alienate some people who just don't like what you do.

So, be innovative... find your unique niche... be who God's created you to be and do what He's called you to do. Some people won't like it, and will feel polarized... and that's okay.

Go ahead... polarize them.

And, in doing so, you might just find that you're pleasing God. :-)

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