Tuesday, September 25

Crazy Day!

What a day!!! I spent the majority of my day on the phone with HP (my laptop has been on the blink) and Verizon (ended up having to reset my wireless modem)! Augh!!

Bad news: my optical drive and network card are BOTH fried!
Good news: HP is sending me out a new optical drive... but I'll have to wait to take care of the network card (they want me to ship the laptop to them, but NOTHING DOING!)

Bad news: As HP walked me through the troubleshooting process to check my optical drive, we ended up having to restore the laptop to its original factory settings... yikes!
Good news: I was able to save most of my stuff on a 4GB flash drive.

Bad news: After the restoration process, I couldn't log onto the internet because I couldn't for the life of me remember my WEP key code (the password that allows you to connect to the internet)!
Good news: I as able to reset the modem and configure my computer to a new WEP key. Hey, for a non-computer geek, that's big time!
Bad news: Keda uses my old laptop now (since I purchased this one back in April), and I can't remember what the administrator password is on that laptop because I haven't used it in so long!!
Bad BAD news: I'm in big trouble...

It be different if I could whup her in a fight...

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Lindsay Wasik said...

D-Plum :) So you don't want to get tasered too?!? LOL. Come on...its not too bad! I'm glad you like my blog. I always wonder...does anyone actually read it? :)

We def have to connect at Innovate. I'll be here there and everywhere. Anytime after the first session, just ask guest services sometime to call me on the radio and I'll come see you. Or you may find me lurking in the shadows of the tent (haa haa aha--thats my "evil" laugh).

See you SOON! :)