Sunday, September 23

Sunday Nite Speak!

* GREAT SERVICE TONIGHT!! I love our Communion services...

* Brian and crew CRANKED tonight! Well, that's pretty much every week. :-) But they pulled out two of my favorite songs, Everyday by Hillsong and Marvelous Light by Charlie Hall... great stuff!

* My man Tony Thompson was in the house tonight on the drums! Tony was the VERY FIRST DRUMMER I ever played with, back in 1993 when I was the Choir Director for New Song Bible Fellowship. Good having you in the house, Tone!

*Loving this "ALL IN" series! Tonight was "The 'ALL IN' God". Where would we be, had it not been for Heaven's Wager? Hmmm? He went "all in"... FOR US!!!

* The cultural blend was off the chain tonight! But we keep forgetting to get pics!!!!!

*We're still having technical diffulties with the laptop/projector... augh! Pray for a media-savvy person... we need somebody who can do some serious troubleshooting!

* The Cowboys went "ALL OUT" on the Bears tonight.. 34-10!! That Romo guy is lookin' good! ;-)

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