Thursday, August 9

Sometimes God Doesn't Move Fast...

One of the things I've had to understand in this church planting journey is that sometimes God doesn't move fast... yet His timing is always perfect. It's easy to see other ministries moving forward at breakneck speed, and expect the same thing to happen in our context. But it doesn't always happen that way for us.... for whatever reason. And God is still God.

However, I'm convinced that every healthy church will grow! The pattern and principles for growth come straight out of the New Testament, and we shouldn't have to to be embarrassed or defend ourselves because of growth. And we shouldn't feel pressure to manipulate or manufacture growth in order to "try to keep pace" with other churches. Only God gives growth.

So, praise God for the awesome new churches who, like rockets, are taking off from the start. You're setting the pace, and clearing the way for us who will follow in your paths. But for those of us who are growing not quite as fast, keep expecting huge things from God... we must keep being faithful... keep taking risks... keep reaching people who are far from Christ... because one day, maybe soon, we'll unexpectedly hit our "tipping point" - where our faith and God's faithfulness intersect - and our ministries will never, ever be the same again.

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James Diggs said...

keep up the good fight bro!