Thursday, August 9


Barry bonds has long been my favorite baseball player. He now is baseball's new home run king!! Now, I know some of you "purists" out there (whatever that means)... won't give Barry his just due... and that's okay. It is what it is, and will be what it will be.

It's amazing how many Barry Haters talk about his alleged steroid use... with no proof whatsoever... and they say things like, "He never would've done what he's done had he not been juiced up." Maybe... maybe not. The alleged steroid use was supposed to be within a 3-year period... supposedly. But when I show them Barry's overall stats, there is only one year that his HR's spiked unbelievably upward (2001, when he hit 73 home runs). Even if you take half of those away (given the fact that half is about his career avg), it wouldn't have been difficult for him to break Aaron's record. Remember, he missed almost the entire 2005 season, and only hit 5 HR's that season. And don't forget that for the seasons of 2002-04, he was intentionally walked 250 times!!!! But people "conveniently forget" those facts.

Truth is, Barry Bonds... at 42 years old... is still the most feared hitter in the league. It's a given that he's not juiced up this year (or even last year), but he's still clockin 'em... at 42 years old. In his last two seasons, Barry his hit 49 HR's (and he still has more than a month left to finish this year). Hank Aaron, in his final two seasons, hit only 22. Hank played for 23 years; Barry is in his 22nd... so I think he should play one more year, just to shut everybody up. :-)

Now, Barry hasn't always been the most wise person around and has stirred up controversy time and time again by what he says. But I'm not talking here about his mouth... I'm talking about his bat. And, at 42 years old, the bruh still swings a very fast and mean one.

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