Sunday, August 12

Sunday Night Speak!

* Well, tonight was the second part of our God On Film message series - Transformers: Between Two Kingdoms. I talked about the struggle between good and evil, and the reality of an invisible world... that is more real and much more powerful than the one in which we live. Satan, demons, angels... it is all real; no fantasy stuff here... we have a real enemy who hates us AND the God we serve! And there are real angels, messengers/warriors for the One True God, who protect us and do battle with these demon hordes!

* Preparing for today's message really rocked my world! When you really look seriously at the depth of the reality of the "unseen world" that Scripture talks about (read here and here), you begin to look at everything differently... and it starts to affect every area of your life... period.

* Attendance was up tonight... excitement was high... we had an awesome service tonight! The band was INCREDIBLE! When those guys crank... they crank hard!

* Glad Brian was back leading worship tonight... I really enjoyed carrying it for him last week, but I love it when all I have to do is preach! :-) He's so freakin' talented, it doesn't make sense!

* My "Pastor's Pick" book for this month is Black by Ted Dekker... this is BY FAR the best fiction I have ever read! Dekker actually wrote this as a series, called The Circle Trilogy (see also, Red and White), and the next two books are even better than the first! I told our congregation about "Black" last week, and one of our guys got the book and read it in less than 24 hours! He said he couldn't put it down... DANG!!!! But it really is good... If you're reading this and decide to pick it up, shoot me a comment and let me know what you think about the book!

* Next week's message is on the movie No Reservations w/Catherine Zeta-Jones. I know, I know (fellas)... it's a RELATIONAL MOVIE... but just hold tight, cuz we do The Bourne Ultimatum the following Sunday! But, anyway, "No Reservations" was a good movie... and I'm throwing a little twist in the mix. Stay tuned!

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