Tuesday, August 7

Shout Out!

I had a great talk with fellow blogger and church planter, Jay Hardwick, today... great guy with a great vision and great insight. He shared his church planting journey, which really helped me to think through some things that we're presently facing at Mosaic. Thanks, Jay, for being open and transparent about your journey! Glad we're connected!

We had an awesome meeting tonight... and we've got a great group of folks! This was a very important meeting, and just about everybody was out in full force. We've got some stuff to pray about over the next couple of weeks... and it was awesome to see everybody out. I don't know if I've mentioned on the blog, but we've got to find a new meeting space in... uh... 23 days! We've had a couple of months to find something... we've just been unable to locate anything. But we've got a couple of sticks in the fire... God's got it all worked out already, and I'm just bustin' waiting to see what He's got planned!

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