Tuesday, August 7


Got a chance to hang out with an old friend "from around the way", Marco, and his lovely wife, Jill. We had an awesome time! I'd seen Jill a couple of times over the last several years, but it was great getting to know her better. This was only the 3rd time in the last 15 years that I'd seen Marco D, and I loved every minute of it!

Marco and I were best of friends... along with our buddy, Earnest (Eazy) who died last year... back in our teens and early 20's. We were, me and Marco, the Collegians (at least we called ourselves that), because we were the only ones from our crew that went to college... I went to Univ. of MD, and Marco went to the Maryland College of Art and Design. We were cool, we were unseparable... we were best friends... and last night brought back some great memories.

Marco and Jill, I LOVE YOU GUYS... and look forward to hanging more regularly!! ;-)

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