Sunday, August 5

Sunday Nite Speak!

* AWESOME time tonight! Two more visitors... YAY, GOD!!

* Kicked off the God On Film series tonight... great start! Fulfilling Your Dream seemed to connect with everybody... we all have a God-given, God-honoring dream deposited in us, and we all want to be people of signifance. It's an awesome thing to realize that our story is only part of God's grander story! Whoa!

* I led worship tonight at Mosaic (sorry, Mom, you missed it) for the first time... not a huge fan of leading worship/preaching in the same service... it really tires me out usually. But I was pretty pumped to be leading at Mosaic! And I didn't feel too rusty, since I've had a few opportunities recently.

* My youngest son, Seth, hopped on stage with me during our opening song! Reminds me of Big Brother ("expect the unexpected")! He just came on stage, and held on to my leg... I just kept singing, hoping he'd join me! Ha! It was awesome... I love it!

* The wife of the couple who visited tonight is one of the staffers with Inter-Varsity at Univ. of MD. God keeps on giving us favor and connections with people on that campus... GO GOD!!

* Roland, our bass player, was back after a 2-month hiatus. He had been on a summer missions project with The Impact Movement, and is back - ON FIRE FOR JESUS!!! God is doing some awesome things in Roland's life, but I'll let him share all the great details! ;-) It was nice having a fuller sound from the band tonight!

* One of the days, soon, I'm gonna get caught up on my rest! Early tomorrow morning, I head to Frederick, MD to speak at Mancation, for Infinity Church. Sounds funky, but it's basically a men's retreat. I spoke at their church a couple of weeks ago, and am really excited about tomorrow! Hopefully, I'll catch up on my much-needed rest tomorrow night...

* Big props to my main man Jody in Bismarck ("What good thing comes out of North Dakota??")... heard he just turned 30. Wow. Bet he's countin' that gray! Or... not. ;-)

* We have a major meeting this Tuesday evening... OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE for all Mosaic-ites to be in attendance! This is the meeting of ALL meetings... if you're not there, you'll miss it. And you don't wanna miss it.

* Next week's message: Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye! You have GOT to invite your circle to church with you next week... this message is gonna rock the socks off of somebody... I promise you! Some of you are going around in circles, the bottom has dropped out, you're having marital issues, you can't beat lust... whatever! You need to be there! And that person looking over your shoulder reading this email needs to be there, too! Don't keep this to yourself... INVITE THREE FRIENDS this weekend!

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rindy said...

Excellent to hear!! I spoke last Thursday and am finishing up preparing this week's message--God is crazy isn't he? To think he would choose any of us to use!! Awesome!!