Thursday, July 5

No Sparkles

Aw, man...

We didn't get a chance to see fireworks yesterday... it was raining here, tornado watches and everything... and by the time things settled down a bit, we didn't feel like rushing out to try to catch a fireworks show. But all's cool, because the town of Laurel where we live will kick off their fireworks on Saturday night... and they traditionally put on a really good show!

On the other hand, I'm pretty jealous of my friend Dave, who got to do some home fireworks with his granddaughter... I wanted so badly to do the sparkles/firecrackers thing with my boys... but they're illegal in Maryland. AUGH!!! :-)

Speaking of my boys, I'm working from home this morning... Daddy duty! This is all I've heard this morning:


"Leave me alone!"

"Get off of me!"

"That's mine... give it back!"

"Stop... I'm tellin' Dad!"

"Get away from me!"
(this is what I said... just kidding!)

Whew... I'm worn out, and it isn't even 11am yet! I'm gonna have to send them outside soon... or to the moon, whichever comes first! :-)

1 comment:

dave said...

Amazing how much fun you can have with 5-10 dollars wort of explosives and a kid. Sorry you missed out. Man - in NC they sell fireworks in the grocery stories. They dont even do that in Alabama!