Wednesday, July 4

Funny Book

For all of you with young children, you have GOT to get this book... rent it from the library or whatever... awesome! Your kids will get a huge laugh! :-) HA!! My youngest just turned 4 on Monday, and he loves it!

Here's an excerpt:
April 4

Fishing season started today.
We all dug deeper.

April 20
It rained all night and the ground was soaked. We spent the entire day on the sidewalk.

Hopscotch is a very dangerous game.

May 15
I got into a fight with Spider today. He told me you need legs to be cool. Then he ran. I couldn't keep up. Maybe he's right.

May 16
I made Spider laugh so hard, he fell out of his tree. Who needs legs?

Okay, maybe it's funnier when you see the illustrations... but I'm tellin' ya, get the book!! :-)

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