Tuesday, July 24

Great Book on Vision!

This is a great read by Andy Stanley! My good friend John Morgan turned me onto it a few weeks ago... it was just released, and just as quickly as it I got it ... I finished it! Short read, excellent book. For you leaders/church planters who don't like to read (shame on you), you need to pick it up... you can finish it in a couple of hours.

I'm not sure there is anyone who speaks on vision better than Andy... with the exception of maybe Bill Hybels. This book came at just the right time for me... here are some things I took away from it:

* Vision doesn't stick without constant care and attention.

* It is my responsibility as the leader to make sure that people understand and embrace the vision of our ministry... If the followers don't get it, I probably haven't delivered the vision in a way that makes it get-able.

*People don't remember and embrace paragraphs; them remember and embrace sentences.

* Define the problem, determine the solution, and discover a compelling reason why NOW is the time to act.

* Find different ways to build vision casting into the rhthym of our ministry. It needs to be repeated regularly.

* Celebrating the wins of our ministry will do more to clarify the vision than anything else.

* It takes more than talent and giftedness to make vision stick; it must be embodied by our leadership.

Again, great book... short, readable, you won't be disappointed! ;-)


Ben said...

thanks for this Darren... looking forward to reading this!

nathanhyde.com said...

Thanks for the review, Darren! I was so excited the other day when I found the book on Amazon. Everything Andy Stanley writes is awesome. I don't know of anyone else who writes books that are so practical. Anything that's published with his name on the front is worth reading over and over.

So, what's your church's vision?

Thanks again for the review. I can't wait to read it!