Saturday, June 2

Water Give-Away

We had a great outreach on Saturday afternoon! Fourteen of us went out to the main strip in College Park (Route 1), right down the street from the Univ. of MD... and we passed out 200 free ice cold bottles of water, and 200+ invite cards... in about a half hour! Hey, don't miss that... that's 200 touches!!!!! That's a lotta seeds, baby!

We had a great time... we had a diverse team... and we met a need. AWESOME time!!

Being that it was our first attempt at servant evangelism, I knew we'd have some takeaways... here are a few:

1. Make sure the "FREE" on your signage is large enough for people to see from a good distance.

2. People are pleasantly surprised at the "giveaway", because most people out on the street waving bottles of water are asking for donations! ("Wow... you're a church, and you want to give us something freely??")

3. We need to at least triple the amount of water and invite cards next time.

4. Most people will take the water... it's hot outside!!!!

5. You have to be careful, because the traffic light doesn't stay red forever! Yes, I learned this the hard way... no, I did NOT get hit. :-)

Hey, this is a great way to get people serving! It's a low-risk (for those who aren't used to evangelism), high-visibility way to create a little "buzz" for your church. One young lady said she was "really nervous" as we were getting ready to start... but by the end of our time, she was AMPED!! Btw, she found out about Mosaic from a doorhanger we put out for our launch service... and she's been there ever since! In fact, she brought a friend with her to church a couple of weeks ago... and brought out another friend to do the outreach with us!

Okay... that's it for now... I'll be back later to give an update from our service!!


rindy said...

can't wait to hear how the service went!! praying a few of those made it in!!

The said...

We'll be following in your footsteps in a few weeks, bro!