Saturday, June 2

Driving Me Batty Again...

Told you...

I knew there were bats here!!! Our neighbors (directly under us) had a bat in their apartment tonight... which had me more than a little nervous. I don't like those flying rat things at ALL!! I heard some of the neigbors in the hallway talking about it, so I went out there and they gave me the scoop: theyhad heard a noise in their apartment, and then the daughter (14 yrs old) screamed when she saw it was a bat! So, they all ran out the apartment and was hanging out in the hallway while they waited for Animal Control to come.

So after talking to them for a few minutes, and went back inside... then, after awhile, Keda and I heard a scream and then someone banging furiously on a door (apparently trying to get away from the bat). When we looked out the peephole... there it was: A BAT WAS FLYING AROUND IN OUR HALLWAY!! Somehow, it had gotten out of the apartment. Now, I'm from Takoma Park, Md... and I don't know all there is to know... but I DO KNOW that I wasn't opening that door!!! So, Keda and I just stood there looking out the peephole, laughing at one of our neighbors who was in the hallway... ducking to get away from the bat! Ha!

As long as it wasn't me, it was funny... :-)

Animal Control eventually came, and they let the bat outside. Hopefully, it flew far, far away... to some batcave across town!

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