Wednesday, June 27

Thanks, Larry!

I had a phone meeting this afternoon with Larry Brey (sounds like "high"), the Assimilation Pastor of Elevation Church. He was really helpful in thinking in terms of "processes"... the man knows systems! It was great, hearing his story of how his role has transitioned... from when the church started out with 16 people, to where it is today (just under 2,000 on two campuses). But there was one thing that Larry said to me that has been ringing in my head all afternoon, evening, and night (which is why I'm writing this post at 12:20 a.m.):

"In starting a church, you have one chance to develop the culture."

That's major... because it makes the way you begin the ministry count for so much! It means that you have to intentionally and painstakingly keep the vision before the people... because (as Bill Hybels so often says) vision leaks!

It means that you have to create systems that foster the culture you're trying to create. The systems at Ed Young's church may not work at my church... the systems from Journey Church in NYC might not work here at Mosaic in College Park, MD. Our individual church culture is unique... and the systems we create have to support that unique culture.

It's my job as Lead Pastor to make sure the people around me understand the culture we're trying to create. That responsibility cannot be abdicated to anyone else... And I have to constantly ask myself the question, "D-Plum... how are you doing with that??"

Because I've only got one chance to get it right.

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