Wednesday, June 27

Been Tagged... What I "Dig" About Jesus!

My friend, Rindy, "tagged" me to write 5 things that I dig about Jesus (okay, Rindy, we don't use the "dig" word in this part of the country... lol). I think how this is supposed to work is that if you read this, you are to either 1) blog about the five things you dig about Jesus, or 2) if you don't blog, leave your five things here in the comments. Then, "tag" five others to do the same.

Okay, I know... this is a little cheesy, but Rindy is my friend... and I really do dig Jesus. ;-)

Here are my five things:

* He saved me from my sinful self (which is really, really sinful... just ask my wife).

* He loves me, even when I'm unloveable (which is, honestly, a lot of the time because He sees everything).

* He's faithful and true - a real Friend on whom I can always depend.

* He's strong enough to deal with all the "dogs" in my life!

* He cares about every single detail of my world... nothing about my life is unimportant to Him.


I forgot to list my "tagged" people! Of course, I'm over the top with everything... so I tagged TEN!

Emily and Jody


rindy said...

Hey I just pass on what I get "dig it"?? lol

I don't normally do these either but figured I got tagged twice, I had better ;)

So to all your readers--we did it, now you can too!!!

Enola said...

Rindy's tagging you may be "cheesy" but if she hadn't, I may never have stumbled across your blog. So cheesy or not, purpose accomplished. I'll be checking in some now. Hope you don't mind.

Don Record said...

Ok Darren, You are definitely have the gift of "persuasion". I'm scared not to reply...

What I dig about Jesus.
1. He's a leader that I never have to make excuses for. (No matter who I'm talking to.)

2. Jesus inspires me to be both tender and tough, powerful and gentle...even though he was all God, he was "all Man"!

3. He specializes in "fixer-uppers" (like me!)

4. Talking about Jesus is controversial! When I talk to many people about Jesus (even those you don't like church) they are still interested in his life and teachings. Other times I talk to people who like church a lot and aren't very interested in the teachings of Jesus...