Monday, June 25

Monday Night Mind-Dump...

* Last night's service was good... STILL getting newcomers out (3 more yesterday)! Had our 2nd Communion Service yesterday... 4th Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite! ;-)

* Spoke yesterday from John 6 (Jesus, the Bread of Life) - God had been speaking to me about my own lack of hunger for Him... isn't it amazing how much we prioritize other things (or people) over God? It's like the title of the game "Trivial Pursuit" (hey, that'll preach!), everything is really miniscule in comparison to chasing after God. Our soul craves after God, be we try to satisfy it with other stuff. I like the way the prophet Isaiah says it here.

*My sons and I watched some kung-fu together this afternoon... Crippled Avengers... if there are any martial arts buffs out there, this is a good one to get! ;-)

*Dr. David Anderson just released his new book, Gracism: The Art of Inclusion... look for me to do a review on it soon! David pastors Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD, and has had a mega-impact on how I view ministry... especially his passion for multicultural ministry and racial reconciliation. My good friend Marc gave me a copy of the book today... THANKS, MARC!! ;-)

* Had a great date night with Keda tonight... amazing, that after almost 12 years of marriage (not to mention dating for over 4 years!), she still puts up with me. She's my #1 supporter in ministry and life... can't thank her enough for all she's sacrificed so that I can be where I am today. THANKS, BABE!! :-)

* This Sunday kicks off a 2-week series on purity entitled Summer Lovin'... can't wait! This is a SERIOUS topic... especially during this season... and I expect major warfare from the evil one this week as I prepare. So, please remember to pray for me! And Mosaic-ites: INVITE EVERYONE YOU CAN!! I'm expecting God to seriously touch some hearts over these next couple of weeks!

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