Tuesday, May 1

The Importance of Creating Fans

No matter what business you're in... if you deal with people - and you want those people to let others know about your quality service and product(s)... then they need to become your fans. Even in ministry, it's important to create an identity where people love what you have to offer... not only the preaching of the Word, but also your service... or the way you treat them.

I was reminded of this very thing today, as I was dealing with a customer service issue with a local printing company. Their service has been horrendous today! Now, they're short-staffed and incredibly busy... but that doesn't give them a reason to be rude. Rudeness is unacceptable and should never be tolerated... anywhere. I've worked with them before, but their service today has convinced me that this will be the last time I do so. And, not only will they not get my business, they won't get my referrals either.

On the same hand, it's a sad thing when a church gets bad publicity because of the way people have been handled in their ministry. We want people to spread the word and help create a buzz about our ministry: "Hey, here's a place where the people are loving and accepting and living like Jesus!" As Ken Blanchard says, we need to create raving fans... people who love Jesus, but also love and our excited about being a part of our ministry... and want to tell others about it!

I know what some of you are saying:

I don't care if people are excited about our ministry... I want them to be excited about Jesus.
Well, if they're excited about Jesus... and your ministry is healthy... they'll be excited about the ministry, too.

I'm not concerned about numbers.
You SHOULD be! The biblical writers seem to talk alot about it... and Jesus always had a crowd.

I'm not concerned about whether or not people are talking about our church... God will draw those who need to be there.
Well, if you feel that way... and you might not want to believe this... but people ARE talking about your church - you just might not like what they're saying.

People matter to God... and they should matter enough to us to serve them well. Creating raving fans is something that no church should minimize or overlook. God uses them to help move our ministries to the next level.

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